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Success Stories - Lynn B.


Fifty is to womanhood what thirteen is to girlhood – hold on, because your body is going through some major changes, like it or not.  You're going through major hormonal changes, only now you are on the downslope instead of the upslope.  Your metabolism slows and thus your heretofore standard calorie intake becomes "excessive."  As a consequence, it's much easier to take on excess weight.  Your bone density wanes and thus your bones become more brittle. Metabolic changes result in muscle deteriorating into fat.  Like an overripe rose, everything begins to sag.

When I turned fifty, my gift to myself was to workout with a trainer.  I had always been active and routinely exercised on and off … but I knew that would not be enough.  I joined a gym and began weight lifting with a trainer twice a week, with aerobic exercises at home on my off days.  While I stayed fairly fit, the inevitable body changes were manifesting themselves.  Then one day I literally ran into Kimberly Garrison, who was with a friend of mine.  I discovered that Kim was a personal trainer and I immediately signed up with her.  It was my 54th birthday present to myself.  Given the way Kim looked, I figured she had to know a thing or two about how to get the most from any given exercise routine.

Kim proved me right. The short version is that I dropped two clothing sizes down … down to the routine size I wore back in my 20s, 30s and early 40s.  I didnt lose much weight, but that was not my problem.  I was fairly fit to begin with, I just had flab and fat where muscle had been, courtesy of the aging process.  Now I was firm again!

In addition, working out with Kim has led to all the side benefits of holding back the aging process.  Balance!  You'd be surprised how many little things in our daily life require finite balance and strength, and how you've subconsciously developed little compensators for having lost them.  For example, squatting down to pick something up, and needing your hand to pull yourself up because you can no longer "squat-stand."  Sitting down into a chair without flopping, and get getting back up and out without the "windup" or "3-tries" or a helping hand.  Energy!  As you progress, you will be startled to realize that your old energy has returned; you don't tire as easily as you had!  Stamina!  Your stamina will increase significantly.  It's as if you're in the body you had ten years ago.  Flexibility!  The first and fastest physical attribute that begins to wane after age forty, and subject to constant painful reminders everyday when you don't have it.  Now my body works much better… it works like a younger body.

Kim has been the best investment I ever made.

- Lynn B.

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