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Success Stories - Kelly W.

Kelly W Before and Atfter Photos

In 2002, my sister trimmed down from a size 14 to a size 6 petite, and I watched in amazement at the process. While I could not fathom the importance of a trainer for things that we often feel we can do ourselves, I noticed her weight loss was different than from those who opt for conventional dieting. Following in her footsteps and feeling depressed about my 200+ lbs status, on August 20, 2002 I too enlisted the help of Kimberly Garrison

She first encouraged me to join a gym and then slowly and lovingly nurtured me into my new way of life. Kimberly had the vision that I did not have to see myself. Now 19 months have gone by...I have lost 70 lbs, numerous inches and have dropped 5 dress sizes. I look in the mirror and like who I see. Kimberly has educated, encouraged and often times challenged me into a path of self-discipline. Consistency, hard work, and a belief in yourself should be the motto for what she helps you to accomplish. See Kelly's sister's testimonialChris P.

- Kelly W.

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