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Success Stories - Kathrine L.


When I saw how much my mother was enjoying the effects of her time training with Kimberly, I thought "This isn't fair, I want to go along, too!"  So when I am home from college on my breaks I join my mother working out at the gym.  Kimberly is the reason for going – if it were just me there I would have no idea what exercises I should be able to do, or in what sequence I should be doing them.  Kimberly knows just what we should do and coaches us through everything, pushing me harder than I'd be wiling to push myself, and with such enthusiasm that I'm willing to do the extra bit.

While most teenage girls would think working out with their mother to be uncool, it has  worked out wonderfully.  We can encourage each other and entertain each other so we never get frustrated or bored.  I miss our mornings at the gym when I am at college since we have made them into such good "bonding" times.

- Kathrine L.

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