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Success Stories - Janice B.


When I started training with Kimberly, I knew I was out of shape.  I had some goals – such as increased upper body strength – but I had no idea of what was possible and in what time frame.  To give one example, Kimberly also focused me on developing core body strength.  This has made an amazing difference in an area (lower back) that I had never even thought about.  I now "stand up straight" without consciously thinking about it, and my erect posture projects confidence and vitality.  People have commented on this ("You look so energetic today") and I know what has made the difference.

Kimberly manages to be your cheerleader, your counselor and your dedicated coach all at the same time.  Her optimism and her own determination inspire me to keep at it.

I didn't think I would enjoy working out with someone else and it wasn't really an option.  Then my daughter was home from college and I suggested she come along with me during her vacation.  I derived an enormous benefit from doing something with my teenage daughter that gave us the opportunity to be together for two hours a week, to talk, to cheer each other on, to commiserate, and to feel happy that we were both dong something beneficial.  In an unexpected way, it turned out to be mother-daughter quality time!

- Janice B.

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