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Success Stories - Erika

I was tired of sitting around feeling sluggish, lazy and flabby. I contacted Kimberly because I knew that once I started working out with her, that would change.  Since training with Kimberly my whole attitude towards my health has improved.  Kimberly has educated me about good nutrition and how to change lifestyle habits that will help me reach my fitness goals.

When I came to Kimberly, my fitness levels and body fat percentage were terrible.  Now all of that has improved.  WIth Kimberly's help I have been getting fitter and healthier every day.  I've been working out five or six days a week with all this extra energy I have, and now I look forward to going to the gym every day.

The best feeling comes from knowing that I am healthy and taking care of my body.  Since training with Kimberly and learning more and more about how to care for my body, inside and out, I have never felt better.

- Erika

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