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Success Stories - Dara L. V.


By the time I met Kimberly, I had been running for ten years, weight-lifting for four years and apparently hit an exercise/diet plateau.  I was maintaining muscle mass, but was gaining more body fat every year, despite my healthful diet.  Three months before my wedding, I was highly motivated to lose a portion of the body fat that made the difference between a size 6 and a size 4.

Enter Kimberly Garrison. I chose Kimberly because I would often hear her talking to trainees at the gym about calories, dietary fiber, fad diets and other interesting topics.  It was her noticeable wealth of knowledge that ultimately swayed my decision to hire her as my trainer, as opposed to hiring any of the numerous other trainers at my gym.

What ultimately led to my body fat loss was Kim's prescription of a perfectly proportioned mix of cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting.  Kimberly introduced me to new exercises that improved my overall fitness and athleticism.  Whereas before I started working out with Kimberly, I could bench press an impressive weight, I nonetheless had difficulty completing one "good" pushup.  Kimberly helped me become a better overall athlete by teaching me to use my own body weight as resistance.  Additionally, Kimberly's suggestion to use a heart rate monitor during my cardio workouts has proven to be invaluable as I now have more efficient cardio workouts.

Having reached my goals with regard to body fat loss just in time for the wedding, I am grateful to Kimberly for what she has taught me about exercise, fitness, nutrition and health.

- Dara L. V.

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