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Success Stories - Tiffani W.

Tiffani W.

My weight loss journey started in March 2009.  During a routine visit at my doctor’s office the doctor kindly told me that I should consider 1 out of the 16 bariatric surgeries to lose weight because I would always struggle with my weight.  Well when she said that I thought, YES!  That is the answer gastric bypass.  I did extensive research and even went to my consultation for the surgery.  It wasn’t after the consultation that I realized I could not go through with the surgery for various reasons.  After making that decision I decided to go another route.  You see and hear all the time of people losing weight the natural way and I decided that was the route that I was going to take for myself.  I knew it wasn’t going to be fast or easy and that it was going to take more than anything else big changes in my lifestyle.

So In March of 2009, I enlisted the help of personal trainer Kimberly Garrison.  Over the past year and a half I have taken all of Kimberly’s suggestions and have implemented them into my everyday life.  These changes didn’t happen overnight but instead it was a gradual change.  Although, I am down 90lbs and medication free I am still not done and I will never be done.  Everyone has their struggles in life and this is mine.  This journey has taught me self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-appreciation.  

Thank you Kimberly!

- Tiffani W.

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